13 Days of Halloween

New items on sale every day from October 18th-31st!

Each day new products will be listed at a discounted price. Once the item(s) have been listed on sale, they will remain discounted until the sale ends. 

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👉 Discount codes cannot be used with items on sale during the 13 Days of Halloween Sale‼️

October 18th: 40% off Leviathan marbles and carb caps

October 19th: 20% off all Wook Wear 

October 20th: 20% off dabbers / bowl stirs 

October 21st: Up to 30% off all Prozak Glass work

October 22nd: 30% off Leviathan jars, shot glasses, and cleaning stations 

October 23rd: 20% off Kovacs Glass joint reducers

October 24th: 20% off all carb caps 

October 25th: Up to 30% off all Leviathan slides

October 26th: 15% off the brand new Terpometer IR

October 27th: Up to 20% off Leviathan pipes

October 28th: 20% off all quartz

October 29th: Up to 40% off water pipes (excluding the two latest drops)

October 30th: 10% off new water pipes from Leviathan and OJ Flame