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OG Puffco Peak Lightning Edition (pre-owned)

OG Puffco Peak Lightning Edition (pre-owned)

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Made by Puffco. (@puffco)

Limited edition with aftermarket upgrades. 


• Original box and carrying case.

• Eternal quartz splash guard insert with opaque bottom. 

• Eternal quartz bubble cap.

• Extra ceramic bowl.

• Two matching tethers.

• Matching travel caddy. 

• Micro-USB SuperCharger. 


• Hand-blown glass.

• Water filtration.

• 4 unique user heat settings.

• 20 second average heat up time. 

• Intelligent temperature calibration.

• Fast charging / long battery life. 

• Removable ceramic bowl. 

• LED light band.

• Haptic feedback. 

• Rugged silicone base.

I am the first and only owner of this device. It is in excellent working condition with slight discoloration on the tethers and silicone mouthpiece due to use. 
Priced to reflect being pre owned and to compete with the Pro market. 

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